C     A     T     A     L     O     G     U     E
NAA Library functions as an information center for access to paper collections and electronic resources specialized in fine art. Its information and bibliographic activities are inextricably linked to the educational, research and creative work of students and professors. The Library incessantly updates its collection of scientific literature and periodicals, using modern information services and new electronic technologies. It provides access to a database of the Institute for the Study of Art of the BAS under the project BAAART and information platform Thomson Reuters – ISI WEB OF KNOWLEDGE, provided by the Ministry of Education and Science.
In the academic year 2013/2014, 236 new volumes of scientific literature were received. During this period, the library subscribes current number of 16 titles, Bulgarian and foreign from Europe and America. They provide the latest scientific research and cultural events in Bulgarian and global contemporary art. The fund is supported with budgetary allocations and donations from institutions and individuals and currently has about 29,800 volumes.
During the past academic year the library received donations from the National Art Gallery, Stefan Dobrev Publishing and other publishing houses and institutions that continue to grant part of their paper production to the library. Private individuals-donors in 2013/14 were: Prof. Dr. Mila Santova, Prof. Dr. Svilen Stefanov, Prof. Dr. Ruzha Marinska, Prof. Dr. Irina Genova, Prof. Dr. Ivan Gazdov, Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mladenov, Prof. Bozidar Yonov, Prof. Dimo Zaimov,  Assoc. Prof. Sasha Lozanova, Ch. Assistant Prof. Dr. Kapka Kaneva and others.