Academia Gallery presents the exhibition "20 years of FASHION" in the European Night of Museums – Sofia


Notice: The exhibition is extended until 5 January 2021.

10 -27 November 2020

In the Night of Museums, Academia Gallery presented the exhibition "20 years of FASHION Department". Visitors could visit the exhibition from 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm and view the projects realised by students over the years, as well as a catalogue presenting the main subjects, leading lecturers and Fashion alumni.


20 years have passed since the emergence of the idea to the result. In 1999, the first admission of students for studying at the newly established Department of Fashion took place in the oldest school of arts in Bulgaria -- the National Academy of Art, which has a 125-year history. A department of designers and artists has been formed to develop and pass on their professional knowledge and to share their successes and experience.

The philosophy of developing the students' designer thinking is to build a flexible system for continuous updating of the programme with the emphasis falling on creating unusual, innovative products of fashion design, abandoning the routine thinking. Fashion training is rooted in the academic traditions combined with modern views and the development of visual arts, media and design. Building a fundamental connection between art and fashion, based on creative and practical thinking, and with the help, guidance and instructions of the teachers at the department, each student manages to develop their own talent. Participation in exhibitions, conferences and symposia, awards from international competitions, as well as the creation of successful fashion brands of graduates are proof of the teaching staff competitiveness.

The anniversary is marked with the exhibition at Academia Gallery, where you can still see the students’ projects created and realised over the years, as well as a catalogue presenting the main study subjects, the leading lecturers and alumni.

The project of the Department of Fashion is funded under the programme for scientific and creative-artistic activities of the National Academy of Art.