АзБуква / I(am)Letter – project dedicated to 24 May


This year, the project traditionally implemented by the Department of Poster and Visual Communication in honour of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, and Slavic literature is dedicated to the relationship between people and letters. The topic is multi-dimensional and can be interpreted from any perspective.
АзБуква / I (am) Letter! This is the main assignment, whose various visual aspects are interpreted by the students participating in the project. The range of interpretations on the subject made by each young artist is exciting, attention-grabbing, sometimes requiring a second glance, and predisposing the viewer to multi-layered conclusions and emotions.
The exposition will be presented simultaneously in Sofia and Burgas, in central places emblematic for both cities, where many people can view and experience, and  relate to the holiday of letters – 24 May.
Third-year students in Poster and Visual Communication at the National Academy of Art – Sofia and the Burgas Branch of the Academy are involved in the project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kristina Borisova.