BNR (Radio Bulgaria) with a new statuette for the SPRING song contest (new Bulgarian pop and rock music), designed and created by Asst. Dr. Elizar Milev


The glass statuette project of Asst. Elizar Milev, PhD, Department of Ceramics and Porcelain and Glass Design at the National Academy of Art, has won the competition organised by BNR, for a statuette to be awarded to the winner of the SPRING song contest for new Bulgarian pop and rock music.  Elizar Milev competed against 15 other artist contestants.
The competition jury headed by the BNR Programme Director Ms. Daniela Kusovska and members: Mr. Mitko Novkov, Director of Hristo Botev Programme; Prof. D.Sc. Svilen Stefanov, Vice-Rector of the National Academy of Art; Prof. Emil Bachiyski, Head of the Department of Metal at the National Academy of Art, and Mr. Daniel Nenchev, Head of Strategic Development Department at BNR selected as competition winer the project submitted by Elizar Milev, the leading criteria for the jury being the artistic merits and attractiveness of the project, as well as its closeness to the concept of the ​​SPRING awards for new Bulgarian pop and rock music. The winning artist will be awarded a prize of BGN 3,000.
Keeping in mind the long history of the (song) contest and its main goal to support young Bulgarian performers, I targeted exactly this symbol–headphones. The nature of the contest presupposes the listener's own choice of the best song, so the headphones are a personal choice of music, without imposing that choice on others, says the competition winner Elizar Milev about his project. The closed ring of the headphones is sought-after artistic principle that does not allow the composition to "leak" into the pedestal. Between the headphones is placed a glass piece depicting sound waves in the colour of the contest.
Dr. Elizar Milev is an artist with numerous international participations and awards. He has graduated from the National Academy of Art with a degree in Porcelain and Glass Design.