The first issue of ART & CRITIQUE - the e-journal of the National Academy of Art - has come into existence


ART AND CRITIQUE, the electronic journal published by the National Academy of Art for scientific and critical interpretation of current matters in visual arts, is a continuation of the periodical registered in 2009 which specialised in issues of fine arts.

The aim of this project is to update the publishing activities of the National Academy of Art on the internet and use this as an opportunity for targeted publication of specialised scientific texts in the field of fine arts and design, operational critique, coverage of academic and international projects, and cultural events. The journal is a platform for teachers’ and PhD students’ publications, as well as for research and critical texts in the field of fine and visual arts by leading art critics and art historians.

The online academic publication with its structure and functioning creates conditions for free access to a variety of content that meets the interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD students and teachers, as well as a wider range of professionals and audiences. The journal is structured, and the materials it presents are selected and updated by a team of habilitated lecturers at the National Academy of Art.