Summer creative residence in “Haus Wittgenstein " – Vienna


On 13.09. at 19:00 hours at the gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute "Haus Wittgenstein" in Vienna, an exhibition will be opened of graduated bachelors of NAA, class of 2015/2016, who were nominated during the exhibition of graduate bachelors, by a special commission, They are: Yavor Kostadinov, Pavlina Obretenova, Stanislava Arshinkova, Anelia Petrova and Gergana Lazarova - Rankal. The authors are representatives of different disciplines, and namely - "Painting", "Graphic Art", "Textile - Art and Design" and "Scenography", which along with their different personality and style orientation determines the specifics of their works.
This exposure is another cultural event which takes place in Vienna, with the partnership of "Haus Wittgenstein", which opens its spiritual space for the presentation of Bulgarian art. The series of annual exhibitions have already managed to build a favourable environment for a dialogue between the Bulgarian artists and the local audience. The Academy will be presented by the authors of the exhibition and by Prof. Boyka Donevska, Head of "Exhibition activity" at NAA.