10 Years MA Program Digital Arts at the National Academy of Art
From 19 to 23 November 2018, the MA Program Digital Arts and the National Academy of Art are pleased to invite you to the DA10BG - two events on the occasion of 10 Years of MA Program Digital Arts.
We have put a lot of efforts in order to actively participate in the international environment of contemporary art, to synchronize processes of global order, as we not only introduce but also develop new artistic practices. Since 2008 we support each student who graduated from the program, striving to be always up to date, to look for new artistic directions, to create paths for the young artists in Bulgaria.
In order to fittingly celebrate the anniversary, we chose to involve you in two events. We will show you the accomplishments of our students and lecturers from the ten years of the program and we will talk to them about the challenges which they have encountered in their realization as artists in Bulgaria and abroad:
• DA10BG News – 19 November, 06:00 pm, Exhibition at Academia Gallery;
• DA10BG Creative debates – 21 November, from 01:00 pm to 07:00 pm, Goethe Institute.
Follow the news for the DA10BG events in order to share with us the experience - 10 Years MA Program Digital Arts at the National Academy of Art because we definitely have something to inspire you with.
The DA10BG Project is funded under the program for scientific, artistic and creative activity of the National Academy of Art for 2018.