The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th birth anniversary of Emil Mirchev (1950–2017).
30 November – 17 December 2022
Vernissage: 30 November (Wed), 6:00pm
Emil Mirchev graduated from the National Academy of Art, where later on he dedicated most of his professional experience and skills to teaching students in sculpture as a full-time professor. His art encompasses forms of monumental and easel sculpture. He has worked with classical mediums, such as bronze, stone, wood, and ceramics. His works are characterised by an distinctive, idiosyncratic style and carry intelligible aesthetic, moral and philosophical messages.

The exhibition features various works from Mirchev's rich artistic heritage – some of his most iconic and memorable projects, containing ideas, endevours and plastic arts perspectives that form the unique artistic atmosphere and aura of his work.

Emil Mirchev's sculptures prove that he has achieved a synthesis of classical and modern trends. They are multi-faceted in terms of concept and unique in terms of sculptural expression. An impressive characteristic feature is the huge variety of specific solutions while preserving the main perspectives and formal directions of the artist's credo.

Emil Mirchev's name is rightfully recorded in the annals of contemporary fine arts as he is one of the brightest, most memorable and characteristic artists, who have worked both in Bulgaria and abroad. He has participated in prestigious symposiums and has realised numerous competition projects. Emil Mirchev's entire creative work convincingly ranks among the most significant achievements of the art of sculpture in Bulgaria.
Biographical data
1950   Born in the village of Drugan (Sofia Region)
1968   Graduated from Iliya Petrov Art School, Sofia
1974   Graduated from the National Academy of Art with a degree in Sculpture in the class of Prof. Boris Gondov
1976–1981Taught sculpture at the Art School "Iliya Petrov"
1981–1994 Worked at the Military Artists’ Studio, Sofia
1985   Became member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
1989   Honorary assistant in the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
1994   Began teaching in the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
1998   Senior teacher at the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
2003   Associate professor in the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
2003–2008  Head of the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
2010   Professor in the Department of Sculpture, National Academy of Art
Monumental sclupture projects
1974   Sculptural composition “Progress”; Business Innovation Centre-IZOT AD, Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd, Sofia & Sea Garden, Tsarevo (BG)
1979   Sculptural composition “Worry"; Military Medical Academy, Sofia
1981   Bust of Hristo Botev; 21st High School “Hristo Botev”, Sofia
1983   Bas-relief “Ilinden Epic”, Military Club, Gotse Delchev (BG)
1984   Monument “Fraternal Barrow”; Vladimir village (Radomir Region)
1984   Monument of the Fallen Pilots, village of Chukovets (Sofia Region)
1985   Relief “Wind Rose”; Navy Club, Sozopol (Bulgaria)
1985   Sculptural composition – "Спрингс" Fountain (joint project), Velingrad (Bulgaria))
1987   Memorial sign “150 Years Since the Birth of Vasil Levski”, Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)
1989   Bas-relief “Sailor”; Navy Hospital, Varna (Bulgaria)
1990   Participation in the Sculpture Triennale dedicated to Dante Alighieri, Ravenna (Italy)
1990   Monument dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Vârbitsa River, Momchilgrad (Bulgaria)
1993   Portrait of Dimitar Zapryanov, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
1999   Аntique portrait of Emperor Justinian I; Antalya (Turkey)
2000   Sculptural musical clock with six historical bronze figures – “Viking”, “Olaus Petri”, “Kaisa Varis”, “Ilmar Bergman”, “Blacksmith”, “Girl”, Örebro (Sweden)
2002   Sculptural compositions “Nude I, II and III”, Geel Park, Hugo Voeten Collection (Belgium)
2003   Sculptural composition “Quadriga”, Tarragona (Spain)
2004   Sculptural composition “American Diplomats — John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin”, Embassy of the United States of America, Sofia
2006   Sculptural composition “Nude Body”, Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia
2006   Sculptural composition “St Antoine”, Flobecq (Belgium)
2007   Portrait figure of Prof. Stefan Bobchev, founder and first Rector of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia
2010   Sculptural composition “Ascension”, Sofia Arsenal (Museum of Contemporary Art), Sofia
2012   Sculptural composition “Kaliakria”, Geel Park, Hugo Voeten Collection (Belgium)
2013   Bust of Prof. Stefan Stanev, Rector of D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svishtov (Bulgaria))
Emil Mirchev's works are owned by:
National Art Gallery, Sofia
Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia
Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, Pleven (BG)
Kiril Petrov Art Gallery, Montana (BG)
Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master Art Gallery, Kyustendil (BG)
City Art Gallery, Blagoevgrad (BG)
Art Gallery, Dobrich (BG)
City Art Gallery, Velingrad (BG)
National Museum of Military History, Sofia
Numerous art museums and collections abroad