Exhibition New Works Received in the Museum Collection of the National Academy of Art. Painting

05–16 November 2018
Opening – 5 November, 06:00 pm
Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street
The Museum collection of the National Academy of Art is one of the oldest and art collection in Bulgaria created at the same time with the founding of the higher education institution, more than 120 years ago.
From the very beginning, there is key place in it for the Painting collection. Over the years, it has regularly been replenished, mainly with student works, notable for certain qualities and representativeness. In recent years, the Museum Collection has continued to enrich its Painting fund. The completion of the collection is accomplished in several ways - mainly as private donations from institutions and organizations, donations of authors who have realized solo exhibitions at Academia Gallery, works received from the Residency Programme Cite des Arts, Paris and others.
This exhibition contains works by prominent contemporary artists, most of whom are currently lecturers, with many years of experience at the National Academy of Art. It presents a small but representative picture of some of the processes and phenomena in Bulgarian Painting from the past few decades. At the same time, the exhibition is also an expression of gratitude and appreciation to our donors.