Exhibition of the National High School of Applied Arts, Tryavna

Representative exhibition of "Tryavna School" National High School of Applied Arts
29 June – 8 July 2022
Opening on 29 June (Wednesday) at 6:00pm
The traditional annual exhibition is a selection of 8th to 12th grade students' works, which present the entire cycle of education at the school in three specialities–Artistic Wood Carving, Interior Design, and Iconography. The diploma works of Class 2021 and Class 2022–icons, wooden sculptures, wood carving panels, interior design and unique furniture projects–will add extra perspective to the whole training process, from concept to realisation in material. For viewers, it is a way to get acquainted with the vocational training and specialities at the school, which is the only real and contemporary successor of the Bulgarian Revival school in the Balkans, preserving and successfully developing the traditions of the Tryavna iconography and wood carving school.
"Tryavna School" National High School of Applied Arts in Tryavna is an innovative school since school year 2017/2018 and provides training by applying the system of project-based training. It promotes interdisciplinary approach to teamwork, artisc work and creativity. The school facilities include spacious ateliers, workshops and offices, modern classrooms, a unique library, art gallery, art shop and its own dormitory. The high school has excellent technical equipment–CNC machines, laser scanner, cutter and engraving machine, a digital art laboratory equipped with 3D printers–which allows for training using the latest technologies in the field of 3D modelling.
To find out more about the school, please visit www.artschooltryavna.com