Kunst am Strom / Art on the Stream


12–29 OCTOBER 2022
Opening: 12 October 2022 (Wednesday), 6:00pm
Venue: Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
The project for the travelling exhibition KUNST AM STROM – ART ON THE STREAM is an initiative of the Cultural Officer for the Danube Region at the Central Museum of the Danube Swabians in the city of Ulm (Germany), and is based on the extensive cooperation of several project partners from the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the participating countries. The project is also part of the official Danube Sea Programme of the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022.
Kunst am Strom – Art on the Stream brings together artistic positions, artists and curators from the Danube Region and was created in the spirit of close cooperation between the Danube countries.
The project Kunst am Strom – Art on the Stream aims, within its possibilities, to learn from the past, to derive common solutions from the diversity and different approaches to it, and to take care of the questions of the future through encounter and exchange. It is precisely because of the mentioned challenges that it is particularly important for the project to include the eight Danube countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria, which deal with current and contemporary issues within the Danube Region, also using the means of visual arts.
In addition to questions about current artistic positions in the Danube countries, the focus is primarily on the field of tension between the cosmopolitan attitude of the artists and existing regional ties. The curators in the Danube countries selected for the traveling exhibition works by two to three artists representing specific artistic perspectives from the respective country and/or region. The search for representation of positions in art is also an intergenerational project. The selection includes two generations of artists, namely those aged 50+/- and those aged 30+/-.
Svantje Folkman, Marton Mees
(Art and Culture of the Danube, introduction to the exhibition catalogue)
Various art positions, artists and curators from the Danube countries are shown in a travelling exhibition during the years 2020–2022. In addition, artists and curators meet repeatedly, exchange ideas and create networks within the framework of symposia and, in particular, within the scope of the two European Capitals of Culture – Novi Sad 2022 and Timisoara 2022. The project is accompanied by an extensive catalogue (in German and English), which contains curators' texts and, as a new component, quotations from selected literary works of art.
The exhibition Kunst am Strom – Art on the Stream aims to arouse curiosity about the artistic neighbourhoods of the Danube Region. The project deliberately avoids mystification, exoticism, or clichés. The travelling exhibition makes various issues visible by offering a representative artistic cross-section of the artistic positions of the respective artists.
Concept by Svantije Folkman and Marton Mees
Curatorial team
Franziska Degendorfer (Karlsruhe, Germany), Olivia Jacques (Vienna, Austria), Nicolas Bernat (Kosice, Slovakia), Peter Somody (Pec, Hungary), Vladimir Frelich (Osijek, Croatia), Andrea Palaszti (Novi Sad, Serbia), Sorin Scurtulescu (Timişoara, Romania), Bozhidar Boyadzhiev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
(presented in the project) Works by
Brigitte Brandis, Jörg Bayer, Corinne Choticky, Bettina Kattinger, Brigida Zuberi, Berenice Pall, Helene Eribene, Contact Zone, Rudolf Sikora, Otto Hudek, Flora Pertix, Imre Sandor, Peter Chomody, Ana Petrovic, Vladimir Frelich, Adrien Uyhazy, Nicola Dzafo, Konstantin Flondor, Andrey Rossetti, Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Frontes, Sorin Scurtulescu, Silvia Gancheva and Julian Stankulov
Literary texts from
Dieter Lohr (Germany), Lidia Steinbacher (Austria), Juraj Briskar (Slovakia), Karoli Mehes (Hungary), Helena Sablic Tomic (Croatia), Branislav Zivanovic (Serbia), Robert Sherban (Romania), Palmi Ranchev (Bulgaria)
Kunst am Strom – Art on the Stream – Art and Culture of the Danube Region
Project roadmap
Exhibition in Ulm City Museum, Germany, 7 May – 6 September 2020
Exhibition at Schallaburg Castle Exhibition Center, Austria, 25 September – 8 November 2020
Exhibition in the city of Kosice, Slovakia (Kasárne Cultural Park, Galéria Alfa), 21 October – 3 November 2021
Exhibition in the city of Pécs, Hungary (Pécsi Galéria), 17 March – 10 April 2022
Exhibition in the city of Zagreb, Croatia (List Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center, Zagreb), 27 April – 11 May 2022
Exhibition in the city of Timisoara, Romania (Helios Gallery), 11–24 June 2022
Exhibition in the city of Novi Sad (Gallery of Fine Arts, Collection of Rajko Mamuzic), 8–21 August 2022
Exhibition in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria (Academia Gallery, National Academy of Art), 12–29 October 2022