4–26 November 2022
Opening: 4 November 2022 (Fri), 6:00pm
Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street, Sofia

Miroslav Brooš's current exhibition is the return of the perpetrator to the scene of the crime. A graduate of the National Academy of Art in Sofia in the field of textile design, he returns at the time when the author marks his 70th birthday. However, it is not a traditional retrospective, but a thoughtful survey of the author's lifelong work. It is characterized by work in open cycles that develop over time, interfere with each other, or absorb each other.

However, his works are not only created in mutual relations and interferences, but many are the result of cooperation and the remains of other people's participation. The framework and basis of the current installation is earth, collected and donated by people (also here) in Sofia. The earth from a specific place becomes a framework into which several works and cycles are woven, more loosely or more closely related to the most extensive cycle Donating the earth (since 1991). With a careful look, we will understand that these works are not connected by external formal similarity, but primarily by broader internal connections. It is work as an analogy of life, which functions cyclically, and the works and activities in it naturally form a constantly renewing and developing whole.

The central installation is complemented by other works and cycles that also emphasize processuality, participation and a conceptual approach to working with materials and techniques. The textile not only appears in the works as a material part of them, but above all it is present in the entire work of Miroslav Brooš, as a specific way of creation – as a way of thinking that connects processes, materials, people and events into a fabric of common experience.

Curator: Michal Šedík

My work is a dialogue with the material and the surrounding environment. The search, the study of the material (textile, paper, metal and earth), the process of creation and the creation of the basic, matrix material of a work of art have an important place for me. The textile material brings me the experience of exploring the relationship between art and life. I create a clash of the traditional art forms with the wider context of the surrounding environment. I test their potential in the process of creating the main body of the work. Textiles is life. It affects me with its naturalness and broad spectrum, as something real, material, but also of course human. I do not associate the textile, the fabric, only with weaving, sewing; for me it is a rhizomatic grouping of events, actions and experiences. Thus, such a SUBSTANCE does not have a reserved place only on the surface. It becomes an object of interweaving and stretching of connections and environments, of a correlation between public and private. It is a multimedia environment.
Miroslav Brooš