One hundred years birth anniversary of prof. Vasil Yonchev

24 october – 18 november 2016
ACADEMIA Gallery, 1, SHIPKA Str.
The scientific-research activities of Prof. Dr. Yonchev and the editions “The Typeface over the Centuries”, “The Book over the Centuries”, “Ancient and Modern Bulgarian Typeface”, “The Alphabet from Pliska, the Cyrillic Alphabet and the Glagolitic Alphabet”
Academia Gallery, 24 October – 18 November, 2016

The Bulgarian Artistic School for Typeface Art
Review exhibition of three generations of typeface artists since the 1950s until present day and works of students from the Master’s degree programme “Letters” at the Book and Printed Graphics Department realised during the educational process at NAA
UBA Gallery, Fl. 3, 4-27 October, 2016
International Symposium
Academia Gallery 25-26 October, 2016