ESSL Museum

Award for Art – ESSL is designed to discover and support talented students in the visual arts from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia, and this year – Turkey. The award aims to offer a wide and complex picture of youth art from Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2005 the award is given every two years.
Nominees from Bulgaria:
Zoran Georgiev, Velina Kokalov, Konstantin Petkov Kostov, Pavel Lefterov, Kalina Mavrodieva, Martin Penev, Yasena Popova, Boris Pramatarov, Alexander Valchev, Leda Vaneva.
At the Night of the Nominees the jury selected the winners of the prize for art – ESSL CEE 2013 – Zoran Georgiev and Leda Vaneva of the National Academy of Art, and on May 27, 2013, held an official award ceremony and opening of the Exhibition of the Nominees for AWARD ART – ESSL at the Academia Gallery – NAA.
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