Student from the Department of Metal at the National Academy of Art was awarded from the XVIII International Fair of Traditional Crafts (1–3 September 2023) in the Open Air Ethnographic Museum "Etar"


Karina Ambartsumyan, a third-year student, won the Bronze Bell Award from the National Youth Jewellery Skills Competition. Students from the National Academy of Art and students from St Luka National High School for Applied Arts in Sofia participated in the competition. This year, their task was to make replica of an antique earring from the the museum's fund. The Bronze Bell Award was accepted by Ch. Asst. Prof. Mirena Zlateva, PhD, Department of Metal, National Academy of Art.
60 craftsmen presented their creations at the fair. The masters' competition has been a leading highlight in the programme of the fair since 2003. It is an reenactment of the bet placing competition among craftsmen during the Bulgarian National Revival period. In 2023, master smiths from Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, North Macedonia and Turkey participated took parts in the fair in order to test their abilities in the filigree technique.