Assoc. Prof. Dr. Desislava Hristova Represented the National Academy of Art at EIPW 2015


Elam International Printmaking Workshop (EIPW 2015)
NAA participated with its representative in Elam International Printmaking Workshop (EIPW 2015), which was held in early 2015, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand. Elam School of Art and Design is the most famous and prestigious art school in New Zealand. Founded in 1889, in 1950, goes under the jurisdiction of Auckland University College Council. The event is part of an international project for contemporary graphics, within which was presented the International Exhibition of Contemporary Student Graphics in the Academia Gallery.
Distinguished professors of graphics, representatives of art academies and faculties of arts from around the world participated in EIPW. In close cooperation with university students, Elam staff and artists, they created original new works from the spectrum of graphic techniques. Participants got acquainted with various creative and educational practices and programs of the different academies, exchanged experience and discussed the latest developments and technical innovations in contemporary graphic art. The workshop was held in the graphic studio of Elam (fully equipped for intaglio printing, screen printing, lithography on stone, photo and digital media). Graphic works created during the workshop (implemented in linocut techniques, laser and classical woodcut, Moku Hanga, intaglio, lithography, drypoint, serigraphy, digital print, graphic video installation) were shown in an exhibition in the representative gallery Gus Fisher.
Simultaneously with the exhibition of professors opened and International Student Exhibition of Modern Graphics in the university gallery George Frazer.
Coordinators of the workshop are Associate Professor Derek Cherrie, Director of Elam School of Fine Arts and Associate Professor Nuala Gregory, Deputy Dean at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI).
Participants in EIPW 2015:
– Michael Kempson, Senior Lecturer and Convenor of Printmaking Studies in the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia.
– Associate Professor Dr. Desislava Hristova Tosheva, Graphics at NAA, Bulgaria.
– Katie Couperin from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France.
– Professor Bettina van Haaren from Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany.
– Associate Professor Nuala Gregory, Deputy Dean of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI), Auckland, New Zealand.
– Mark Harris, Senior Lecturer in Art School of Kingston University, UK.
– Lee Clark, Senior Lecturer at University of the Arts, London, UK.
– Mandy Bonnell, Senior Lecturer of the School of Art & Design in Bath Spa University, UK.
– Joseph Sheerer, Co-Director Institute for Electronic Arts of the School of Art and Design, NYSCC at Alfred University, USA.
– Mariana Smith, a professor at Columbus College of Art and Design, USA.
– Peter Power, Chair of Printmedia department of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA.
– Michael Barnes, a professor of graphics at School of Art, Northern Illinois University, USA.
– Struan Hamilton, technical manager of the graphic studio of Elam, PhDs and students.