AutoMotivateMe 2023 creative workshop for car design


23–27 October 2023
National Academy of Art, New Academic Building, Floor 5, Terrace
Sofia, 1 Shipka St
From the 23rd to 27th of October 2023, the National Academy of Art will host AutoMotivateMe 2023, a creative automotive design workshop organised by the Department of Industrial Design, with the participation of design students and school students studying Design. Leading designers Miroslav Dimitrov and Deyan Denkov are the mentors.
Participants in the creative workshop will be able to create their own concepts for cars of the future, and their ideas will be consulted with visiting designers and lecturers from the Department of Industrial Design at National Academy of Art. The final projects will be presented and discussed on the last day of the creative week.
The workflow in the forum includes concepts, design, sketching with markers, the digital sketches on a tablet by using the applications Photoshop / SketchbookPro / ProCreate, as well as the creative presentation of the concepts.
To enroll for participation you need to register. Participants must submit their projects or design sketches of authorship products or cars, on the basis of which they will be selected.
During the creative workshop, a discussion panel will take place with Miroslav Dimitrov and Deyan Denkov, in which world trends and practices in automotive design will be discussed. The designers will talk more about their experience as automotive and industrial designers in leading global companies.
The event will be held at the National Academy of Art, 1 Shipka St., New Academic Building, 5th floor, Terrace.
For more information, follow the profiles of the Department of Industrial Design on Facebook and Instagram, or write to e-mail address:
Application deadline: 20 October 2023, by 12:00 pm