Christo and Jeanne-Claude Exhibition in Prague. Collection of Personally Signed Posters


Opening - June 8 (Monday), 18:00
Bulgarian Cultural Institute - Prague
The Embassy of the Republic Bulgaria in the Czech Republic and Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague in cooperation with the National Academy of Art - Sofia and Architecture Week Prague present the exhibition Christo and Jeanne-Claude. In the period from June 8 to July 10 in the gallery of the Institute will be exposed 23 self-signed posters of both artists and six digital copies of the student etudes of Hristo Yavashev-Christo. The presented posters are part of the donation made by Christo and Jeanne-Claude of the National Academy of Arts in 2005.
In the accompanying program during the exhibition are included screenings of documentaries about Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This year, the Prague Museum Night - June 13, coincides with the 80th anniversary of Hristo Yavashev-Christo. Along with the unique posters of the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to see the films Frontier of Dreams by the documentarian Georgi Balabanov and Christo 75 by the journalist Toma Tomov. Residents and visitors to the Czech capital will enrich their knowledge about different periods of the life and creative activity of the world famous couple and the process of creating their impressive art projects. The films will have several special screenings during the exhibition, which will continue until July 10, 2015
The exhibition coincided with the Museum Night in Prague, held on June 13 - the birthday of Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
Hristo Yavashev-Christo was born in 1935 in Gabrovo. Originally from a well-known and respected family, he has left a lasting mark in science, culture, art, industry. His grandfather Acad. Ananie Yavashov graduated in Prague, married a Czech girl Anna Trunichkova and settled together in Razgrad. In the 1950s Christo studied at the National Academy of Art. His path passes through Prague, Vienna, Geneva and Paris, where in 1958 he met his future wife Jeanne-Claude. From that moment began their joint creative activity that introduces packaging as their artistic technique, style and brand.