EQUINOX exhibition by Prof. Kancho Tsanev, Assoc. Prof. Robert Tsanev and Prof. D.Sc. Peter Tsanev


12 September – 18 October 2023
Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery, Gabrovo
The equinox symbolises the balance between light and dark, when day and night become equal. It is a cardinal point in the natural cycle and a special moment of reckoning. The exhibition was opened on the eve of Easter, when the day "crosses" with the night and the crucifix is brought to the middle of the temple for the faithful to worship. This is also the name day of the distinguished carver and sculptor Prof. Kancho Tsanev (1934–2011), honored by his two sons in their hometown of Gabrovo with a joint exhibition in the halls of Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery.
In the exhibition, Kancho Tsanev is presented with works united by a key motif for his work, namely the "Tree of Life". This theme is emblematic of some of his most famous works such as "Samodiva" (1980) and "Spring" (1981), permanently exhibited in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, in which the branches of a mythical tree with birds, flowers and female figures. In the current exhibition, this motif can be traced in sculptures and panels of different formats and styles, as well as in the unusual colored altar, which is the artist's last work.
Robert Tsanev participates in the exhibition with sculptures that reveal the complex structure of wood as an artistic medium. The works of Robert Tsanev represent a delicately constructed tangle of organic and abstractly constructed forms, in which the artist achieves a specific suggestion with the help of the natural colour of various woods in combination with additional colored elements.
Peter Tsanev shows his projects in which he experiments with counter-discursive strategies. It is about the meaning of art as a process of stated signification that is suspended: viewerss who cannot be continued as viewers; installations that cannot be continued either as objects or as images; categories of art that cannot be continued as art.