European Night of Museums – Sofia 2023


The National Academy of Art is again taking part in European Night of Museums, in this year's edition – with two expositions:
Venue: Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street
From 11:00am to 10:30pm, visitors can view the exhibition related to the 75th anniversary of Poster and Visual Communication studies at the National Academy of Art.
The exhibition features works by undergraduate and graduate students, who present both posters and works in the fields of visual communication, visual fantasy, typeface and calligraphy. The selected images are of students' works created over the last five years in the indicated segments of their education.
Venue: Terrace Atelier, New Academic Building, 5th floor, 1 Shipka Street
From 6:00pm to 10:00pm, visitors can view the exhibition "Social Posters" by the Hungarian artist and poster master Peter Pocs.
The exhibitio presenta a commentary on the social and mostly political situation in Hungary and Eastern Europe. For the artist, the poster is a mirror of reality and a catalyst for change. His works, focused on significant social issues, are honest to the extreme and uncompromising in their judgmental images. Pocs chooses to address topics which provoke him to express his personal opinion and position. The technique of the witty, grotesque and sometimes painful improvisation, an aspect of his character, is evident in the themes and images. Although the artist has a wide range of artistic solutions, he is a master whose works can be unmistakably recognised. Not coincidentally he is placed among the most influential names in the world of modern poster.
European Night of Museums – Sofia 2023 is organised by the French Institute in Bulgaria in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Sofia Municipality. On 13 May more than 50 museums and galleries in Sofia will open their doors to visitors.