Exhibition: Contemporary Wood-Carving and Wood Sculpture by artistic group Arena ART Wood


3–30 October 2023
Methodi-Meta Petrov Gallery, Tsaribrod, Serbia
Exhibition of Contemporary Wood-Carving and Wood Sculpture of the newly-formed artistic group Arena ART Wood was opened on 3 October 2023 in the Methodi-Meta Petrov Gallery. The exhibition presents works by artists working in the field of wood-carving and wood sculpture – teachers and graduates of the Department of Wood-Carving at the National Academy of Art.
Arena ART Wood was formed at the initiative of Assoc. Prof. Robert Tsanev, Vice-Rector of the National Academy of Art and teacher in the Department of Wood-Carving, and of Anton Georgiev, doctoral student in the same department and curator of the exhibition.
The main unifying and dominant factor in the exhibition is the tree through which the artists express their ideas. What the viewers can see demonstrated are different processing techniques, search for different structures and patinas, enrichment and conveying of the sculptures' beauty, and different combinations of wood with stone and metal. The participating artists manifest ingenuity and individuality through experimentation and search for new means of expression as their main driving force.
Robert Tsanev, Yordan Yordanov, Anton Georgiev, Roman Sinapov, Mariyana Maneva, Iliya Vladimirov, Aleksandrina Ivanova, Petar Mihailov, Dessislava Latinova, Tsvetina Geneva.
The exhibition takes place with the support of the Center for Protection and Development of Traditional Applied Arts in Bulgaria at the National Academy of Art.