Exhibition of the National Academy of Art in Tsaribrod (Dimitrovgrad), Serbia


On 4 November 2022, at 6:00pm, a representative exhibition of the National Academy of Art will be opened in Methodi Meta Petrov Gallery at the Cultural Centre in Tsaribrod, which will show the graduation theses of students from the Faculty of Applied Arts, academic degree programmes: Woodcarving, Ceramics, Textiles  Art and Design, Metal, and Porcelain and Glass Design. The exhibition presents the modern trends and searches in the growth of young artists pursuing the programmes with a long history and traditions at the Academy.
Participants: Desislava Latinova, Lazar Mitrev, Alexander Filipov, Tsvetina Ganeva, and Marinela Milanova (Woodcarving); Plamen Petrov, Plamena Pepneva, and Svetli Evgeniev (Ceramics); Alexandra Stoyanova, Marina Pasheva, Kristina Nikolova, Alexandra Boshnakova, Ina Valentinova, and Antonio Mitev (Textiles  Art and Design); Vasilena Stancheva, Tsvetan Panayotov, Petya Taneva, and Atanas Borisov (Metal); Kristina Popova, Snezhana Taskova, Vanessa Georgieva, and Anika Lipsius (Porcelain and Glass Design).
Project manager: Prof. Robert Tsanev
The exhibition is organised by the Centre for Preservation and Development of Bulgarian Traditional Applied Arts at the National Academy of Art.