Face to Face: Exhibitions and Lectures by Hungarian artist Peter Pocs in Bulgaria


At the invitation of the International Triennial of Stage Poster, the Hungarian artist Peter Pocs – one of the most famous contemporary poster artists – is coming to Bulgaria. During the artist's stay, various events will be organised: two exhibitions with works of his and open workshops, presentations, meetings with students, pupils and colleagues. The main partner, associate and host of the events is the National Academy of Art and its Burgas Branch.
The exhibitions will present works in 2 thematic groups:
SOCIAL POSTERS, 9–19 May 2023, terrace hall, New Academic Building, National Academy of Art, Sofia, 1 Shipka St. Opening: 9 May, 6:00pm
POSTERS FOR CULTURAL EVENTS, 11–31 May 2023, lobby, National Academy of Art – Burgas Branch, Magazia 1, Burgas Port Complex. Opening: 11 May, 6:00pm
The exhibitions and the artist's presence are the reason for realising accompanying initiatives.
On 13 May 2023, at the National Academy of Art (New Academic Building, Atelier 004), Peter Poch will be a special guest at the Applied Sciences Conference "Psychology and Art" organised by the Department of Psychology of Art, Art Education and General Academic Disciplines at the National Academy of Art.
Peter Pocs shall donate to the fund of the International Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia an impressive collection of 135 posters representing his work from the last decades.
About the art of Peter Pocs
Pocs's posters express his creative, political and social position as a committed artist. They create a unique dialogue with the viewer and live an independent life of works of art beyond their specific purpose – a life longer than the products or events for which they were created. In his posters, Pocs developed a very personal and atypical iconography populated by zoomorphic creatures, animals, plants, birds and books, eyes and metronomes, flags and mousetraps, demons and martyrs, pencils and chariots, crosses, signs and many different objects. Sculpted and hand-colored, they all flow, interchange and become powerful symbols with overall impact and unique individuality. Peter Pocs is a visual dramatist who populates his posters with characters and dramas, stories and a complex system of symbols.
Through his art, the artist seriously and deeply comments on the social and especially the political situation in Hungary and Eastern Europe. For him, the poster is a mirror of reality and a catalyst for change. His works, focused on significant social issues, are honest to the extreme and uncompromising in their judgmental imagery.
Pocs chooses to deal with topics that prompt him to express his personal opinion and position. The technique of witty, grotesque and sometimes painful improvisation that is part of his character is evident in his themes and images. Although he uses a wide range of solutions, he is a master whose work can be unmistakably recognised and not coincidentally he is placed among the most influential names in the world of modern world poster.
About the artist
Peter Pocs was born on 14 September 1950 in Pécs, Hungary. He graduated in 1971 as a designer of gold and silverware. From 1972 he worked as a graphic designer, creating mostly cultural and some commercial posters. After the political changes, from the 1980s to today, he is the author of numerous political posters.
He named Henrik Tomaszewski, Valdemar Shwezhi and Djord Konecny as his spiritual teachers. His works have been presented in the most authoritative poster forums around the world (international exhibitions, biennials, triennials) and have been awarded prestigious prizes. He is a regular participant in international poster campaigns with invitations: Homage to Max Ponti, 13 + Lautrec, Communication 2000, Hungarian Millennium, Toulouse Family, Children are the rhythm of the world", Letters of Bulgaria – the alphabet of Europe", Sarajevo 2014, Celebrate the Earth (design x Taipei). In 1991, he created his own studio; in 1997, he received the Hungarian Mihaly Munkaci Art Award, and in 2008 he founded the Hungarian Poster-loneliness Association.
He has organised more than 50 solo exhibitions, is the winner of more than 35 international and Hungarian awards and gives lectures all over the world. He regularly participates in the Triennial in Sofia and is one of the international jury members. His donation of 135 posters becomes the most generous individual donor to the Triennial's unique fund of poster art.
Peter Pocs's visit to Bulgaria is supported as a project within the Programme for the Scientific and Artistic-creative Аctivities of the National Academy of Art, part of the programme "The Poster – Projections and Perspectives" implemented with the assistance of the National Culture Fund by the International Triennial of Stage Poster – Sofia, which in 2023 as well is included in the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality.