Fashion Show of the graduates from the Department of Fashion Design at the National Academy of Art, 2024


13 June 2024, 6:30 pm
Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street, Sofia
20 June 2024, 6:30 pm
House of Culture NHK, 1 Troikata Sq., Burgas
In the conditions of a changing transcendental world in the era of achievements beyond knowledge and everything established so far, forthcoming is a new stage in the technological growth of society, which will displace the previously imposed concepts and will experiment with new means of expression, which will change the established rules. The fashion designer reacts to the changes in the social, cultural and technological environment, and is the bearer and harbinger of the new in society. In a period of technological leap, fashion is pushed in unthinkable and unseen directions. Through various constructive solutions, selection and processing of the materials, the collections of the students of the Department of Fashion Design at the Burgas Branch of the National Academy of Art suggest answers to the new challenges.