Fifth International Symposium and Summer Academy - Ahtopol 2013


2–12 September 2013
Art Residence of NAA
Greek school, Ahtopol, Tsarevo
Exhibition opening – September 12 (Thursday), 11:00 am
On September 12, 2013 in the Art Residence of NAA, Greek School, Ahtopol, in the presence of the Mayor of Ahtopol, Mr Atanas Zheliazkov, the Deputy Mayor of Tsarevo, Eng. Stanislav Dobrev, the Rector of the Academy, Professor Svetoslav Kokalov, guests of the town and the participants in the symposium opened new exhibition held by the Summer Academy Symposium, Ahtopol 2013. At the ceremony the Mayor of Ahtopol and Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Tsarevo awarded certificates of lecturers and students at the symposium.
The Summer Academy and Symposium,  Ahtopol,  2013 is a unified academic project of the National Academy of Arts, which creates conditions through collaboration of the participating lecturers and students to share new methods and forms of artistic creation of sculptural works.
What is specific in the work of the artists in this year is that the participating lecturers work in different areas of art, but have an affinity for material, shape and volume. Thus created sculptures provide the audience with a different creative look, contributing to aestheticisation of the city and the development of cultural tourism.
Assoc. Prof. Eva Myozeneder from Salzburg, Austria  a participant in a number of international events and owner of a graphic studio, equipped for graphic printing. Since 1990 Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic, Mozarteum  University, Salzburg, Austria;
Prof. Nikolay Drachev  Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and professor in Mural Painting Dept.  Sculptural work “Totem”;
Prof. Georgi Georgiev  Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts and professor at the Porcelain and Glass Dept., Sculpture “E-Mental”;
Prof. Svetozar Benchev  Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and professor of painting . Sculpture “Angel” ;
Prof. Krasimir Dzhidrov  Lecturer in Ceramics Dept. Sculpture “Ihtis”
Prof. Valentin Kolev  professor of painting and composition in Painting Dept . Sculptural work “Space – Time”;
Assistant Vasil Kolev  teaching graphic in  Graphics Dept . Sculpture “Penetration”.
Students in the Woodcarving Dept. of the Academy: Ilya Vladimirov, Boyan Sultanov, Petar Stefanov, Iliyan Ivanov, Simeon Petkov, Borislav Grigorov.
International Summer Academy  Ahtopol 2013 is supported by the Municipality of Tsarevo and Ahtopol Town Hall and with the support of Societe Generale Expressbank  a major partner of the National Academy of Art.