Ceramic Traces – from East to East: exhibition of contemporary Chinese ceramic art and culturе exchange between Jingdezhen, China and Troyan, Oreshak, Bulgaria


19 September – 18 October 2023
National Exhibition of Crafts and Arts – Oreshak
5630 Oreshak, 256 Stara planina St., Municipality of Troyan
Opening: 19 September 2023, 5:30 pm

“Ceramic Traces - from East to East” is an ambitious and thoughtful group exhibition organized by Taoxichuan International Art Center, Jingdezhen. A wide range of works from all over China brought together both historical and contemporary perspective on art, evading clear definitions and terminologies while combining contemporary art practices, craftsmanship, and mixed-media means of expression.

The artworks was carefully chosen from the collection of Taoxichuan International Art Center, designed to transform the road from east of Asia, the city of Jingdezheng to the East of Europe. It demonstrates the cultural links between China and Bulgaria through the Silk Road. The show displaying 58 artworks by 12 artists from presented in a non-linear way tells the story of a global development of ceramics as art from objects positioned on the wall, from small objects to monumental artworks.

As a passageway in the space, the exhibition shown in Troyan in the space of National Exhibition of Art Crafts and Arts center – “Oreshak” takes the shape of a bridge, which remain to say that we belong to each other with the bridge of traces, all of us, people from different families, different suburbs, different communities, sex and ages, distinctive origins, nationalities and countries.

Participating artists
Bian Xiaodong, Huang Dongmei, Lu Jianxing, Ma Hao, Qi Zhenyu, Tan Danwu, Wang Deng, Wang Dongmei, Wang Xiaolin, Xie Shiming, Sophia Yu, Zhang Yonghong
Curator: Assadour Markarov
Artistic Adviser: Liu Zili
Exhibition Director: Hua Jing
Assistant Curator: Yi Guangying
Curatorial Team: Elizar Milev, Huang Shuyao, Maria Ganeva, Emilia Krumova, Ren Zhe, Sun Honghui
Visual Design: Peng Sisi
Presented by:Jingdezhen Municipal People's Government, Jiangxi, China
Organized by:Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Tourism Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
Co-organized by:Jingdezhen Towyi Cultural Development Co.Ltd
Supported by:Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue, China. 
National Exhibition of Art Crafts and Arts – “Oreshak”.
Troyan Municipality, Bulgaria.
National Academy of Art, Sofia.
Chinese Embassy in Sofia
Fiber Media Lab (FML)
Assoc. Prof. Assadour Markarov