Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2022 Bachelor's and Master's degree students from the National Academy of Art


On 25 July 2022, the National Academy of Art held a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2022. The Rector of the Academy, Prof. Georgi Iankov, congratulated the graduates by saying:
Dear students,
Dear teachers,
Dear parents and guests,
Today is an exciting day – you, the students of the National Academy of Art, have already graduated. For two years, the situation at the Academy was was extraordinary due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conditions for the normal course of the educational process were difficult. You did not, however, cease making efforts and manifested exceptional diligence and drive in your desire to create and to express yourselves, following the example of your teachers. All of you have managed to preserve your individuality and artistic pursuits, and what we see today in the exhibitions of the Bachelor's and Master's degree graduates shows the high professional level of definitely able people. Keep creating, don't give up, as, I'm certain, success will come your way! Stay well!
The graduation ceremony was attended by the vice-rectors of the Academy and the faculty deans and vice-deans, by teachers, parents, and guests.