Invite for participation in Art + Computation Retreat in Berlin, Germany


The Art + Computation Retreat (ACR) is a two-day live action role-playing format (15–18 September 2022) in Berlin that brings together artists and tech experts to explore the social and political challenges of digitisation and AI development, to learn about critical and sustainable technologies, prototype AI art, and develop new approaches to science communication. 
In a game environment, artists, technologists, and scientists have the opportunity to work with different technologies that suit their interests and creative endeavors. Artists can expand their technological skills. Technologists and scientists can gain new insights into creative ways of working beyond their methods.

The venue is a fictional setting that allows participants to immerse themselves in the scenario. On their journey through the game, they encounter the social and political challenges of digitalisation and AI development, learn about critical and sustainable technologies as well as (h)activist approaches through creative sprints and gamified story elements.

The Art & Computation Retreat is part of KI-Camp 2023 and is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

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Artists interested in the advancement of technology and international exchange can apply by filling out the form at
Application deadline: 8 August 2022