MOMENTUM – exhibition porcelain and glass by teachers and students from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, and UMPRUM, Prague, at the Czech Centre in Sofia


The Czech Centre in Sofia will be the meeting place for two creative domains to which high temperatures dynamics is peculiar. The joint exhibition MOMENTUM will present works by teachers and students in the degree programmes in Porcelain and Glass Design at the National Academy of Art, and in Ceramics and Porcelain at UMPRUM – Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague.
The meeting will take place on 28 March 2023, 6 pm, in the gallery of the Czech Centre. The event has been realised jointly with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia.
One of the definitions of momentum is strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. In the language of the exhibition, the series is related to the creative impulse and the technological process in the creation of designer and artistic works in fire mode.
Celebrating the 50th jubilee of the Porcelain and Glass Design studies at the National Academy of Art is the reason for organising the exhibition. It is a dialogue in itself, offering a contemporary perspective which is the result of a particular heritage. The Porcelain and Glass Design doyens – graduates of UMPRUM – bring in knowledge, influence, and experience accummulated due to the Czech teaching and learning methodology at the Prague Academy.
Participants in the exhibition: Krassen Troanski, Elizar Milev, Borislav Korudzhikov, Karina Popova, Vera Gezenko, Annika Lipsius, Vanessa Georgieva, Elemag Georgiev, Lachezar Poydovski,  Lachezar Dochev, Kristin Vassileva, Adam Železný, Markéta Špundová, Milan Pekař, Monika Martykánová, Tereza Sluková.