Mr. Willem de Graeve on visit at National Academy of Art, Sofia


Mr. Willem de Graeve will present at National Academy of Art a lecture on:
"The Belgian comics - the big success of a small country."
At the invitation and with the support of the Embassy of Belgium in Sofia
On 7TH  April (Monday) 2014, at 5:00 pm
At Academia Art Gallery , 1, Shipka street, Sofia

In Belgium, the comics is considered an art in itself.
Every year many albums with comics appear which enjoy great success among the public.
Belgian artists are pioneers in this field and have played an important role in the development of this art in Europe.
For example, the famous character Tintin was created by a Belgian author.
Nowadays comic includes many different styles - from the humour, satiric or family cartoon, to works with remarkable literary or artistic quality.
In Brussels, there is a large museum dedicated to comics, where you can discover the history of this art, the processes of its production, as well as different types of comics.
The conference, to which we invite you, will be given by Mr. Willem de Graeve, public relations director of this museum. Mr De Graeve is graduated from the University of Ghent in Belgium and has worked at the museum since 1999. He is the author of numerous articles on comic books and regularly lectures on this topic.
He will tell us about "The Belgian comics - the big success of a small country."