NAA with an honorary diploma from the Ministry of Culture


National Academy received an honorary diploma from the Ministry of Culture for overall performance and participation of departments "Advertising Design" and "Industrial Design" in the Autumn Salon "Interior Design" 2013.
At the ceremony for the closure of the Autumn Salon greetings on behalf of Minister of Culture Dr. Peter Stoyanovich to the participants presented Gergana Stoyanova, Head of Cabinet of the Minister who gave the diploma to Prof. Miroslav Bogdanov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts.
Autumn Salon "Interior Design" 2013 was held from 11 to 22 November in the Union of Architects in Bulgaria. The exhibition in "Advertising Design" presented 25 student projects for advertising stands, showrooms, museums and expositions for World Exhibitions (EXPO). Specialty "Industrial design" involved 20 student projects and two exhibits.
Autumn Salon "Interior Design" 2013 presents ideas, projects, implementations and examples of interior design, stimulates public interest and public awareness, creates opportunities for creative and critical analysis of artistic practice. The headline is "Everything in the interior is the product of design" and is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.