Presenting of clothes designed and tailored by Fashion Design students from the National Academy of Art during NEWCOMERS' WEEKS #1/2023 of the design platform IVAN ASEN 22


26 September – 8 October 2023
Showroom of IVAN ASEN 22
22 Tsar Ivan Asen II St., floor 1, Sofia
Opening: 26 September 2023 (Tuesday), 7:00 pm
The first edition of the programme NEWCOMERS' WEEKS #1/2023 in the space of the design platform IVAN ASEN 22 will introduce the audience to the creative works of Fashion Design students at the National Academy of Art.
In the past AY 2022/2023, students worked on topics related to the post-Covid wave. The selection of models are developments on the themes "Between Dream and Reality", "Carnival" and "Surrealism". The main global trends are related to reality, hope, the future, the imaginary hypothetical worlds we can create in a moment of isolation, surrealist references, the modern, "wild" world that is developing in a technological and spiritual direction. After the last two years, "future" is a relative term that brings uncertainty but also hope. However, this stagnation creates the conditions for deepening and transforming creative energy. On the other hand, two themes from the past, refracted through the prism of time, are also being revived: surrealism and childhood. Both themes are related to the tranquility of our imaginations or the comfort and carefreeness of childhood.
Students from all year courses of the Bachelor's degree programme and the Master's degree programme in Fashion Design at the National Academy of Art will take part in the exhibition: Boyana Angelova, Deborah Todorova, Denitsa Tselova, Dimitar Todorov, Dorothea Kirova, Iva Georgieva, Liu Injuin, Maya Dimova, Nina Vangelova, Nia Yordanova, Raya Victor, Teodora Penkova.
The Bchelor's degree diploma collections of Mihaela Alexandrova and Sue Ian will also be showcased during the presentation.