Presenting the publication 120 Years of Bulgarian Applied, Ornamental and Monumental Art


March 31 (Tuesday), 17:30
NAA, Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka str.
The publication presents an impressive group of plastic arts, as significant as the fine arts in general panorama of artistic life in Bulgaria. It is a continuation of the book 120 Years of Bulgarian Art (Unions, Companies and Groups from 1892 to 2012) and at the same time this is largely a separate independent volume, as in this case it was not possible to apply the same principle of composition by individual companies and groups. The content was structured representing various arts defined either by the material (ceramics, textiles, glass, metal, wood, etc.), or their functional characteristics (monumental, decorative, applied). There are also separate synthetic creative fields - for example, the artist in theater and cinema. The reader has the opportunity to become familiar with the historical development, the wealth of stylistic and thematic trends, significant authors and bright artistic achievements in the field of church and wall-monumental painting, stained glass and monumental sculpture, textiles and fashion, ceramics and glass sculpture, wood carving medal sculpture, ornaments of metal and leather, art direction and animation, comics and caricature. Many phenomena in contemporary visual art have their genesis precisely in the various manifestations of art related to the living environment. The publication fills a significant gap in the history of Bulgarian art and with its rich informative and visual material will be useful both for professionals and art