„ГрадскАБуква II“ project dedicated to 24th May


Vinyl banners on the fence of the Rectorate of the National Academy of Art in Sofia and in Troikata Square in the city of Burgas
This year, the annual exhibition, traditionally organised by the National Academy of Art and the Department of Poster and Visual Communication, focuses the audiences' attention on seemingly routine, familiar images and situations in the urban environment.However, viewed from another perspective, all the images suddenly reveal the simple and obvious truth–letters are everywhere around us. Search of the mind will suffice–and there, the tree in the neighbouring yard or the slide on the playground opposite become letters, so familiar and recognisable to everyone. The seemingly chaotic nature of the Cyrillic alphabet characters, derived from camera shots of urban surroundings, ‘captured’ by the artists, in fact are organised in a remarkable harmony that fully reflects the breathless pulse of our contemporary life.
The fence of the Rectorate of the National Academy of Art in Sofia will not be the only ‘venue’ of the exhibition. For the first time, it will also be presented in Burgas–in the iconic Troika Square, a place where it can be seen and experienced by both city residents and visitors.
The exhibition, traditionally dedicated to 24th May–Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and Slavic literature, this year is also part of a series of events celebrating the 125th anniversary of the National Academy of Art. The project participants are third and fourth year students in Poster and Visual Communication in Sofia and the Burgas Branch.