Students from the National Academy of Art in Sofia and the University of Marmara, Istanbul participate in joint educational project


Students of Fashion specialty at the National Academy of Art and Textiles specialty at Marmara University in Istanbul participated in joint educational project entitled The Bridge. The project is a symbol of friendly dialogue, sharing, cultural exchanges, or just another reason for finding what’s new, different or similar. 
The first part of the project was realized in April in the studios of Marmara University in Istanbul, where students experimented and developed alternative textiles. Using traditional Bulgarian motives they created unique fabrics and patterns.
The second part was held in the Fashion studios of NAA in Sofia. Within a week a workshop was held together with the visiting students.
The alternative textile titled The Bridge, prepared by the students of the University of Marmara were realized in 15 fashionable silhouette made by students from the National Academy in Sofia. The works and projects will be presented at the International Workshop on Textile and Fashion Design in Istanbul on November 4th, 2015.