Summer Academy with an Exhibition in the Wittgenstein House, Vienna – 2015


In September the National Academy of Art and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Wittgenstein House, with the support of Societe Generale Expressbank will realize joint project Summer Academy with Exhibition in Wittgenstein House - Vienna.
The project aims to encourage students and graduates of the Academy to achieve high educational and creative results; to enrich and expand their knowledge of the richness of European plastic culture and contemporary processes of the global art scene; to support their creative development and teamwork skills.
Annually, eight graduates designated by a special commission at the annual exhibition of Certified Bachelors arrange in the gallery area of the Cultural home some of their theses works made during their creative stay. During the Summer Academy in Vienna students visit museums, galleries, art academies and cultural attractions.
This year, under the guidance of Prof. Svilen Stefanov students will work on advertising, tourism and museum brochures and materials related to various art events.
Participants in the Summer Academy Wittgenstein House - Vienna for 2015 are:
Martin Tabakov - Sculpture;
Yana Stoycheva - Painting;
Victoria Stamboliyska - Graphics;
Kiril Tsonev - Poster and Visual communication;
Raya Rakidzhieva - Textile - Art and Design;
Theodora Raleva - Ceramics;
Krista Vacheva - Scenography;
Christian Baev - Woodcarving.