The Cyrillic Alphabet is a Living Organism


Traditionally, for the past 15 years Poster and Visual Communication Department contributes with various events in the celebration of the 24th May - Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavic Alphabet. This year the panel, which will adorn the National Academy of Art, is dedicated to calligraphy and Slavic alphabet - as viewed through the eyes of students - bachelors, masters from Calligraphy and  PhD students of the specialty.
The Cyrillic alphabet is a living organism that exists and constantly changes, and equally to Latin, assumes with its traditional forms the recent trends in the development of calligraphy. The symbiosis of the orthodox with the modern gives in most cases very intriguing results that trigger the senses of the viewers at every level, and enable them to see through the multi-layered structure of an otherwise ordinary and familiar silhouettes of Cyrillic characters. The result shows that the fields of activity in this area have no restrictions and the Cyrillic alphabet, one of the three alphabets in the European Union, is equal to all the others.
This year's event is unquestionable indication that the Cyrillic alphabet is developing actively, not only following international trends, but also contributing to the evolution of fonts and calligraphic art globally.