Wood sculptures installed by students and alumni of the National Academy of Art on the island in Batak Dam


Carving corsairs (or taking over the island of Batak Dam), where cormorants nest, is one of the large-scale actions for installing wood sculptures in Bulgaria, which took place from 1st to 15th of June 2023 on the island of Batak Dam. Carving corsairs are a group of artists – wood-carvers and sculptors, whose totems give new life to the island. Having become a tourist attraction, they are  part of the nesting birds' habitat, allowing them to settle on them as well.
The artistic action brings together some of the best young masters wood-carvers in Bulgaria at the initiative of Stefan Parisov, and in less than a month 10 huge totems were created. The project co-organiser is Izabella Manolova, PhD student at the National Academy of Art.
The installing of sculptures was organised and partially executed by students and alumni of the National Academy of Art (Department of Woodcarving and Department of Sculpture), among whom: Izabella Manolova, Tsvetina Geneva, Grigor Dimitrov, Veselin Mitev, Ivan Ushev, Radoslav Muglov.
Photos: Silvia Katsarska, Isabella Manolova, Rin Yamamura