Department Ceramics & Porcelain and Glass Design

Academic speciality Ceramics
Tuition in Ceramics incorporates the modern aspects of the art of ceramics and is based on the achievements of the individual artistic practices. Its main aim is to train experts in modern ceramics and the related public arts, as well as artists who would create one-of-the-kind series of ceramic objects, and to achieve in-depth knowledge in technologies applicable to ceramics.
Along with ceramics as their main subject, the students study drawing, painting and sculpture. The large variety of skills is acquired through the study of graphic techniques, computer arts, anatomy, perspective etc., as well as theory in the field of history of art, aesthetics, philosophy, history of ceramics.
BA degree holders have been trained in various decorative techniques for ceramics, along with the diverse technological means in the design and production of ceramic products. With their background, they are entitled to working in the design and production fields, for companies and shops. In case they have taken Theory and Practice of Education in the Arts as their second speciality, they are entitled to teaching in secondary schools where their qualifications are applicable. They can also work independently as free-lancers.
MA degree holders in Ceramics add to the above skills a higher level of professional qualifications. They are also entitled to teaching at higher schools for the arts, and to occupying posts in municipal and state administrations.
Academic speciality Porcelain and Glass Design
The specialty covers all areas of design and free artistic expression in the field of porcelain, glass and fine ceramics.
Students acquire knowledge and skills for solving the most complex of artistic design and implementation of industrial production. They develop constructive thinking and solve artistic problems with focus in search of their own style, individuality and artistry.
The knowledge acquired enables them to participate successfully in contemporary art and creative processes.
The specialty is the only center in the country to prepare highly qualified painters and designers in design studios and production companies for porcelain, fine ceramics and glass.
The knowledge acquired in the Bachelor course is further developed in the Master degree. Students implement their own artistic or designer project in porcelain or glass.
Completing their second specialty in “Theory and practice of art education” students obtain a professional qualification of “art teacher.”
Master degree graduates can work in the field of free creative expression, as well as experts and managers of design bureaus, teams and institutions. They can teach in high schools.
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