Photo Exhibition "Andrey Daniel - the last 7 years"

7-23 January 2021

Vernissage: 7 January 2021 (Thursday), 4:00-7:00pm

Project of Въпреки Foundation

The photo exhibition "Andrey Daniel - the last 7 years" by Stefan Dzhambazov will be presented in Academia Gallery of the National Academy of Art from 7 to 23 January 2021. The vernissage will take place from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on 7 January. There is something symbolic in the fact that this exhibition comes to Sofia on the eve of the one-year death anniversary (24 January) of the great artist and sage. In a place that can be said to have been Andrey's home over the years - for meetings and contacts with colleagues and students at the National Academy of Art. Academia Gallery is the next stop of this travelling exhibition after its presenting partly during Apolonia Arts Festival in Sozopol and in its entirety in the foyers of Boris Hristov Cultural Centre in Plovdiv during Plovdiv Jazz Fest 2020. However, here, apart from being a landmark for Prof. Andrey Daniel in terms of place, it is also the first display of the exhibition in Sofia, realised under a project of Въпреки Foundation with the support of Culture National Fund.

"Andrey Daniel - the last 7 years" is an attempt at a short reportage story with visual emphases from the last seven years of life of the great artist, lecturer and sage Prof. Andrey Daniel (1952-2020). We were extremely fortunate to meet him more often on various occasions over his last years not only because of the friendship we sustained, but also in relation to our website and Въпреки Foundation. Our conversations and meetings were connected with the preparation and opening of his exhibitions, as well as of the exhibitions of his students, of whom he was extremely fond.

We usually talk about the first seven years of a person's life. In this case however, the photos show some moments over the last seven – moments equally important and magical within his earthly journey. During that period, there were many positive emotions for Andrey - acknolwdgements, work at the Academy in Sofia and the Academy’s branch in Burgas; also a serious illness. He, however, did not succumb to the disease and worked and taught until the very end. And happy he was. For he claimed and believed that artists should synthesise meaning. "And if we do not learn to invent meaning, to synthesise meaning for ourselves and for others, for very large groups of people, then this existence will rather be some sort of vegetating," Andrey Daniel told us in a conversation to be published on our website въпреки.com. We offer you to be emotionally involved in those last years of Andrey’s life, about whom, however, we cannot and do not wish to think in the past tense …

Stefan Dzhambazov