The museum collection of the Academy is unique, compiled and constantly enriched over more than a century. The museum is housed in the building of the Academy and now collects, preserves and promotes some of the best samples of the learning process and the works of teachers. This is one of the oldest museums in the country, established simultaneously with the State Drawing School in 1896. In its fund are stored more than 14 000 paintings, graphics and sculptures, as well as those in the field of applied arts. The museum regularly exhibits individual collections in the “Academia” gallery. 
The donations made during the academic year 2011/2012 are again of great value for the history of European and Bulgarian art. Thirty pieces of graphics from the series “Warsaw Industrial Architecture”, donated by Mr. Kazimierz Kotasiak, five oil paintings and drawings by Acad. Svetlin Rusev, two paintings by Prof. Panayot Panayotov, one graphicature by Prof. Dr. Gazdov, a graphics by Prof. Dimitar Trendafilov, and etudes by Prof. Nicholay Drachev and Prof. Dr. Stefan Altakov. The Museum of the NAA maintains close relations with the “Restoration” Department and according to a preliminary plan the two teams perform restoration of museum valuables. Last year, experts from the Department of “History of Art” conducted systematization of painting collection of the period 1896–1940 and its catalogue issue is forthcoming. The Museum of the NAA continues its collaboration with various state galleries and museums.