Museum of the National Academy of Art

Exhibition of the Painting Collection 
January 15 to February 7, 2014
On January 15 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm at the Academia Gallery of the National Academy of Art will be opened an exhibition of the Museum of the National Academy of selected works of painting collection from the period 1896-1940. The exhibition is part of the regular exhibition program of the museum.
The exhibition presents paintings by different generations of artists from the period after the liberation and the first half of last century. The pictures are part of the main painting fund of museum collection, composed shortly after the founding of the museum in 1896 and enriched in decades. 
The audience will have the opportunity to see not shown and unpublished so far works, including works by Konstantin Shtarkelov, Vasil Stoilov, Iliya Petrov, Assen Vassilev, Emmanuil Rakarov, Atanas Dudulov, Pencho Georgiev and others.
In recent years, the Museum of Academy periodically publishes its collection.
Until now ​​two editions have been made – Carving Collection and Collection of Bulgarian embroidery. Within this exhibition will be presented the third catalog of the collection: Museum Collection of the National Academy of Art. Collection Paintings (1896–1940). 
Team of the exhibition: Prof. Dr. Svilen Stefanov, Dr. Boyka Donevska, Milena Balcheva, Ivan Kyuranov.