The museum collection of NAA is one of the oldest collections of works of art in the country, established with the State Drawing School in 1896. The depot is located in the building of NAA Shipka Street 1, and stores some of the best examples of works by Bulgarian artists who studied at the Academy in the last one hundred and eighteen years. The museum contains more than 14,000 works of art - paintings, graphics, sculpture, drawings, woodcarving, ceramics, textiles, metal, and archives of various design disciplines. These collections are periodically displayed in the Academia gallery, most often in connection with research projects related to the history of NAA or anniversaries of various academic disciplines. 
In the academic 2013/2014 the museum actively cooperated with History of Art Department.  At the end of the second semester I-st  and II-nd year students carried out their annual practice in the museum depot, where they had the opportunity to work in the scientific processing of the collection. Students from different disciplines were introduced to specific collections and expressed their desire for research of various museum exhibits. A number of lectures were delivered at the museum site. Through its museum collection the Academy conducts active research collaboration with various state museums and galleries. 
The Museum received a large amount of donations. The Academy enriched its collection with the following works: artwork of the famous Algerian artist Mohammed Kadda (Nude Body with Harp, 1953), a large donation of one hundred fifty-eight drawings by designer Zhanet Stoicheva, ten graphics by Denitza Skorchev (diploma works, 1991), early sculpture by Ivan Lazarov (On the Front Line ), fourteen paintings from the First international Biennial Drawing (Sofia, 2012), printed poster of Heraclius Toudze (1940) and three teaching etudes of students from the studio of Prof. Svetlin Rousev. Donation of works of professors, exhibiting in the Academia gallery, is a tradition at the Academy. Thus the museum collection acquired the bronze sculptural portrait of Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora, by Prof. Velichko Minekov, and the work of Prof. Oleg Gotchev (Skating Rink, 2014).
During the past academic year was published the catalog Painting Collection (1896-1940), which is part of the project for phase cataloging of the museum collection. In August, the museum participated in the anniversary of the Apolonia festival (2014) with an exhibition of 24 signed posters of Christo Yavashev and Jeanne-Claude from their donation received at the museum fund in 2005.
Milena Balcheva