Student Housing

NAA Student Housing is situated at Students' Town, bl. 28
Head of Maintenance Department – Rumen Angelov, phone: (02) 9 878 150, directly manages student housing activities. 
Expert Scholarships and Housing –  Andriana Kotseva, Mobile 0878 31 54 37, landline (02) 9 880 765, Ms Kotseva  is in charge of operational organization of students’ housing. She serves the orders for accommodation of undergraduates and postgraduates.
Manager – in charge of bl. 28 – Teofana Teofilova, phone: (02) 9 621 017, is the official who performs administrative services and accommodation during and after the tenancy campaign. She exercises control over the observance of internal order in the dorm. 
Each year, upon the Rector’s order, a five-member committee on social and welfare issues of students is appointed. No less than 70% of all the members of the committee are representatives of the Student Council.
The Committee has the following functions and responsibilities:
Annually determines housing; proposes to the Rector of the Academy deadlines for acceptance of documents; considers individual applications submitted; ranks the applications submitted, preparing documents and forms for housing.