In Search of the Sacred

26 February – 15 March 2024
Opening: 26 February 2024, 6:00 pm
Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street, Sofia
Tsvetan Stoyanov is an artist who strives to discover and embody in his work the spiritual, the transcendent, the sacred. He looks for laconic structures and compositions that convey symbols and sensations leading to the original. These ideas of his, the result of artistic searches and dreams, are visualised in different thematic images. His attention is directed to the detail in the drawing and the softness of the overall shape. In some of his paintings, he uses a monochromatic range, enlivened with geometric colour accents, in others he relies on bright colours and actively applied final strokes.
The exhibition presents paintings and drawings created in the last two decades. They show the multiplicity in the transformations of substantial geometric elements, natural structures, cultural artifacts. In the focus of the creative fantasy are the drop of water as a primary element, synthesising and storing within itself the memory of existence; the triangle as a sacred imprint of real objects and subjective perceptions; the balloon as a substitute for the spiritual and a symbol of the profane…
About the artist
Tsvetan Stoyanov is a graduate of the National High School of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Art, Sofia (degree in Mural Painting). He creates murals in public buildings, private offices and homes, restaurants, as well as other decorative-monumental works, including abroad (vitrages, stained glass), among which is the "First Bulgarian Postal Stamp" in the building of the Central Post Office in Sofia. He presents paintings and drawings in Bulgaria and abroad in 20 solo exhibitions, in general art exhibitions, in international painting plein airs. In 2006, together with Prof. Nikolay Drachev, he restored the stained-glass windows of Prof. Ivan Penkov in the Court of Justice building, Sofia, and with the composer Lyubomir Denev, he released the Variations in Sound and Colour happening in the jazz cafe "Before Midnight". He is the author of the "Monument to the policemen who died in the line of duty" in the garden of the St. Sedmochiselnitsi Church in Sofia. From 1990 to 1996 he taught at the National High School of Fine Arts, and from 1995 – at the National Academy of Art, where from 2000 onwards he was an associate professor, and in 2019 defended his doctoral thesis (published as a book in 2020) on the topic of Ivan Penkov's Stained Glass Paintings in the Courts of Justice buildings in Ruse and Sofia". He has received many awards for drawings, projects, painting.