Lyuben Petrov

The Czech Cultural Center
National Academy of Art
11 to 24 May 2015
 Opening May 11, 2015 at 18:00
Vivid artistic expression, clear intensity and energetic impasto of colorful layers or original plasticity are the hallmarks in the painting technique of Lyuben Petrov. The wide range of means of expression alludes the semantic wealth of fanciful stories hidden in the grotesque works that are full of sarcasm, comic aesthetics, exaggeration and humor, but also with profound reflections on the relationship between man and nature, leading to apocalyptic conclusions.
In his creative development Lyuben Petrov reaches deep into themes related to the cycle of earthly life and death. In his work he combines tradition, symbols and elements of eastern and western cultures on the field of motifs derived from schemes of art history, i.e. Christian iconography, mythological scenarios, but also abstract motifs inspired by science fiction literature and cinema. Through his work he delivers ironic comment on the present state of civilization he describes as "apokalypsarium" - the beginning of apocalyptic decay and directly calls for destructive moments in human existence. Therein lies the huge effort to capture the moment. In the words of the author, the apocalypse is always present, never stops, i.e. always in motion, thus acquiring a new dimension or mutation. The characters are paralyzed by a kind of trance, alone in the world, sucked by the disaster -apocalypse - while for the audience the observed event remains hidden, they only anticipates it, which increases the voltage of the untold story. Suspension of the decisive moment is wrapped with a magical aura, but the contents of the works have a deep conceptual basis and demonstrate maturity in the philosophical thinking of the young author.
The Bulgarian artist Lyuben Petrov (* 1984) or Lyube, as is known to the Czech audience, graduated in 2007 in Mural Painting at the Academy in Sofia. In his training he strived to master the art and craft in the spirit of the principles of realism. In his figural topics unto this day L. Petrov focuses on the composition and well thought-out plan of the picture. From his native Bulgaria remains the influence of Boyan Dobrev, Ivo Bistrichki and Georgi Andonov.
After moving to the Czech Republic in 2011 he graduated free creativity in the studio of Martin Mayner. In 2013 he was awarded the prize for young artists (ART PRAGUE Young Award). On the Bulgarian scene Lyube became popular with the participation in MOST in 2012 (Competition of Bulgarian contemporary art MOST). In 2013 he received the prize of the Edmond Demirdzhian Young Artist, 2014 and was nominated for BASE - Award for Contemporary Art.