A Public Stage


Mischa Kuball’s Artistic Action

Mischa Kuball will build a stage at the centre of Sofia. What happens on it will be put on the Internet by a Web camera. This is how he explains his project:
“The experiment makes it possible to study the difference, the interference or the interaction of two levels of presentation, that in real life and that which materializes thanks to the media, in other words, that on the stage and that on the web page. Both present us with a universal demand: the stage which, to use Friedrich Schiller’s expression, is just “planks absorbing the entire world”, meets a new media the very name for which, world-wide-web, supports its claim of a global platform. What we see is merging of two aspects of the same action, in other words you come on stage in the spotlight and are being observed, while you observe without anyone else noticing you. This dialectics of exposing and observing is also characterized by two phenomena which always get mentioned in the information for “public stage” and in the reviews by audience and press: the “Speakers’ corner”, a protected free space for public speech, and the “Big brother”, a controlled space in which everybody can openly watch everybody else”.
The project is but a part of a sequence of artistic events by Mischa Kuball entitled „Public Prepositions”. Fore more information see www.mischakuball.com
13 to 19 May 2013, 13.00 – 20.00 hrs
National Academy of Art
Lecture cum Performance by Mischa Kuball on 13 May 2013, 16.00 hrs.