About Letters in the Eight Journal


The Eight journal launched a campaign to promote Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet in order to draw attention to our native letters. Number 5 of the journal is devoted to this important issue. Below are over 30 Bulgarian fonts by 17 authors.
The theme of the issue is About Letters, realized jointly with the National Academy of Art. Designers of the material are Boyana Pavlova, Velichka Yordanova and Desislava Naydenova. Infographics is by Kristina Simeonova. All are master students at the Department of Book and Printed Graphics. The team is led by Assoc. Prof. Ilya Gruev.
If you read number 5 of the journal Eight you will learn more about the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet and its graphics specifics, about its typography and forms of the letters, pattern of letters and why there are no computer fonts with Bulgarian Cyrillic letters. In the issue you will read an interview with Professor Todor Vardzhiev - teaching fonts at the Academy who says "... we should fight chaos using the written characters and convey to our countrymen that there is a Bulgarian identity in the field of the print culture that it is high time to find its place in life!"
The National Academy of Art is the institution where subjects dealing with the font calligraphy, graphic design are studied on a high professional level. Leading experts in these fields teach in the departments Book and Printed Graphics, Poster and Visual Communication and Design in Advertising.
NAA supports the Eight campaign and joins the appeal of colleagues from the journal, because the more people learn about the problem of recognition and implementation of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet as a valuable national asset and take it to heart, the more likely it is that the institutions also understand the essence of the problem and take action.
This cause is worth the effort!