Come to play some music at the fence of the National Academy of Art!


This is an invitation from "Reactive" - a team of young artists, some of them graduates of the Academy who have created a unique musical wall at the fence of the Academy, where anyone can play from 10th to 20th October 2013.
The music installation with the name "MiReLa" is made up of multiple light boxes with built-in touch sensors. Each emits a specified musical tone. Touching them repeatedly creates a melody. 
According to the authors turning an ordinary wall into musical instrument gives a new perspective on urban space, the daily routes of the people and their way of communication - with each other and with the environment. Musical performance itself was converted into a game in an entertaining and intuitive way to provoke the imagination of both music lovers and professional musicians.
The initiative is in support of the candidature of Sofia and South-Western Region for European Capital of Culture 2019.
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