Conference of the European Alliance of Academies in Budapest, Hungary


On 30 and 31 May 2023, the European Alliance of Academies held a conference for the representatives of the Alliance member institutions in Budapest as a sign of solidarity with the Society of Hungarian Authors (Szépirók Társasaga), which, together with the Academy of Arts in Berlin, were co-organisers of the event.
A conference on Artistic Freedom. A Key Element of the European Project was held at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. Through public discussions, art programmes, press conferences and online events, the members of the Alliance aimed to draw attention to mechanisms and policies that create a number of restrictions on artistic freedom, both in Hungary and other European countries.
The opening speeches were delivered by the organisers Janine Mirafel, Director and President of the Academy of Arts in Berlin, and Ferenc Czinki, author and President of the Society of Hungarian Authors.
The ensuing ideological debate on cultural and political topics was titled The impact of Silence. Can Culture Flourish in an Atmosphere of Suspended Dialogue Between Artists and Public Authorities?.
Part of the conference programme was a musical performance and provocative performance by FreeSZFE students – an opportunity for the young artists to present their work to local and international audiences.
Writers and poets from Berlin and Budapest took part in the final discussion on United in Responsibility; a Mexican visual artist trained in the Netherlands, as well as the famous Hungarian film director Béla Tár. The artists commented on their work and the difficulties they faced over the years during its creation.
21 Alliance partners from 11 European countries took part in the conference. The National Academy of Art was represented by Asst. Prof. Zhivka Raykova, lecturer in the Department of Poster and Visual Communication at the Burgas Branch, and Marina Ruskova, senior expert on International Activity and coordinator of the Erasmus+ programme at the National Academy of Art.